It might happen that there are some issues with TrackLabs related to your specific Strava activities. As you can record activities in many different ways there might also be the situation that TrackLabs does not work as expected .

In such exceptional cases you can - when requested by the support - send Strava related access tokens to our support team. Then we can log in to the Strava API on your behalf and have access to your activities and can check what's going wrong.

- we can't access your real strava account on

- we can't read or modify your real strava password

- we can't delete data or modify data

- we can't delete your account

When this is OK for you: 

Open TrackLabs, authenticate via Strava and execute the app as regular. When the App now crashes or behaves I an unexpected way:

Go to iOS Settings -> TrackLabs -> Support Information

Create a Screenshot from this screen and send it to us via email ( Then we are able to link TrackLabs against your Strava account and can debug the app fully to identify the issue.

To revert this access you have two options:


As soon as you will setup TrackLabs once again the shared tokens are invalidated and new tokens are generated. Then we can't use the old once any longer. 


You also can deactivate the tokens for a specific Strava-App via > Settings > My Apps > TrackLabs > Remove

As  TrackLabs fully relies on your Strava data this is the easiest and most effective version to help you for such problems. As we would love to fix your bugs to make TrackLabs even more robust it would be awesome when you are willing to support us here to support you! :)